Herrick H. Smith M.F.A

Husband, Saint Augustine Native, Artist


Artist with M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition Work.

Herrick H. Smith: The Artist

…Standing on a foundation of pot sherds left by the Timucua potters of centuries past, It is fitting that his first introduction to clay was in the form of boyhood pinch pots from the same clay beds used by the Timucua…


Jar 001 Big Creek Installation View.

Portfolio of Work

Domestic utensils ... were wrought with such delighted care that today we hunt them out and give them places of honor in our art museums. Yet in their own time and place, such things were enhancements of the processes of everyday life.
— John Dewey in Art As Experience

Jar 006. 65# Local Stoneware. Natural Wood Ash Glaze. 2016

Abstract form 3. Bronze, Iron. 2016

Transitional Zone near a Salt Marsh